Winterizing special


  ✔  Draining hot water tank

  ✔  Draining fresh water holding tank

  ✔  Disconnecting ice maker on both sides of solenoid

  ✔  Introducing RV antifreeze to:

              ‣  Cold water plumbing system

              ‣  Hot water plumbing system

                Cold water side of ice solenoid

                Wash and rinse cycle of washers (if applicable) 

Please note:

 → Any additional services and/or materials will be charged at our normal rates. If any additional work is needed, please inform us when making the appointment. 

 → Price includes labor, up to three gallons of RV antifreeze, and sales tax.

 → Special applies to Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, and Elizabthton only.

 → Custom is responsible for emptying gray and black water tanks prior to scheduling appointment.

$75 and up